Health Education and Medical Outreach (HEMO)

Program Description

Health Education and Medical Outreach (HEMO) operates within One Step Projects’ mission with a focus on developing projects to improve the health and living conditions of communities with vulnerable, underserved populations within the U.S. and abroad. HEMO’s goal is to appropriately address the health needs of target communities by using research-based and innovative approaches that will ultimately produce positive, measurable effects for the community. We aim to identify and implement community-based solutions through research, field surveys, and active collaboration with members of the target community.

Program Details

Date: Ongoing
Teams: HEMO and DHS
Program Lead: Firooz Kabir
Primary Team Members:
Stephanie Merrick
Lena Arnautova
Arielle Kantor
Ishan Timalsina

Four Key Components of HEMO

1. Project development

2. Research and assessment

3. Exploratory projects and implementation

4. General travel health and safety

Project spotlight:

Nepal Demographics and Health Survey (NDHS)

The Nepal Demographics & Health Survey (NDHS) project includes a comprehensive field survey which will be used to better understand the health and living conditions of villagers in Badegaun, Nepal. Survey teams consisting of OSP members, translators, and Badegaun villagers will conduct in-person surveys of the men, women, and children in Badegaun. Results will be inputted into a data analysis model and used to develop HEMO projects tailored to the Badegaun community.

Exploratory Projects

Because research and exploration are core values at One Step Projects, all HEMO staff members are actively involved in brainstorming new health and medical projects. We are currently exploring projects in North America, South Asia, and Africa and look forward to exploring more project possibilities in the future.

Interested in learning more about HEMO?

Explore all of our projects

Rebuilding a school

Rebuilding a school in Badegaun, Nepal and giving new life to a village once devastated by massive earthquakes.

Creating healthy communities

Developing community-led programs to boost the health and well-being of communities struggling with water access, proper sanitation, and recurring health issues.

Developing novel solutions

Partnering with local and international organizations, educational institutions, and experts to understand problems and develop customized solutions for the long-term.

One Step Projects is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

EIN: 47-5517778